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Ethiopian High Land Tours offers package tours to international travelers without any limitation, and depending on the interests of travelers. The company offers tailor made tours, pilgrimage tours, holiday getaways, adventure tours, biking, trekking, horse riding, walking, city excursions, bird watching, church tours  and so on.

The ultimate program of all nature, culture, festivals and ecotourism are offered. Our company has professional multilingual tour guides with a deep experience and knowledge of the historical, cultural, natural as well as geographical tourist destinations of Ethiopia and speaks different international languages such as English, Spanish, Italian, Germany, French.

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We offer all kinds of tours and travel which includes adventure cruises, active volcanoes tours, arrangement for documentary films, archaeological tours, biblical holidays, bicycle tours and mountain biking, bird watching safaris, bus tours and coach excursion, culinary vacation, cultural safari, Eco and community tourism vacation, educational travel, family travel, camping expeditions, gap year adventure, trekking and hiking adventures, historical holidays, horse back trips and trail rides, mountain and rock climbing, multi sport adventure, off road safari, photography expedition, pilgrimage and holiday tours, resort, spa and retreats vacation, running vacation, sailing vacation, special interest holidays, whitewater rafting expeditions, wildlife viewing expeditions as well as women’s travel

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Luke Lee
Luke Lee
Great guy, fabulous services! I actually can’t talk about the full experience at the mountains since we spent only a few hours on this tour. However, we had a very good experience with him, and many additional services and advices to keep our time in Ethiopia and spend our time well organized.So I recommend him for his experience, his contacts in other touristic places and for his high quality costumer service. Abraham made posible all what we needed, I might say we built much trust in himas hi did on us.Great human being, who knows about his land, he made us feel comfortable and safe at all times while in Ethiopia.Talk to him if considering coming to Ethiopia.
Davy J aka To
Davy J aka To
Abraham is the best! Although it is possible to trek the Simien Mountains only with a scout I was so happy to have joined Abraham’s tour because he simply bent over backwards to make us feel safe, comfy and happy! He is such a great guy and was constantly arrangig stuff, organising things since our group wasn’t the easiest, I can tell you. ;) Food was great, tent accomodation more then sufficient, overall organisation flawless. The landscapes in the Simiens are otherwordly and we say loads of Gelada monkeys with their bleeding hearts. Is there anything better to watch them jump over a cliff like Lemmings while the sun sets blazingly over a vast mountain vista? Thank you so much, my friend, all the best and stay safe up there!
Aldo and Yvonne
Aldo and Yvonne
Top! Abrham is a very good guide. He knows the Simien Mountains like the back of his hand and is able to come up with alternatives when the weather is bad or when one of the walkers has difficulty walking. Abrham was very involved in finding the plants and animals that we were interested in. He arranged a good crew and turned it into a team, and made every effort to get the best out of the crew. Abrham is a person who is open to ideas (we cleaned up stray plastic and he participated) and is a nice conversation partner (themes: nature, cooking, social issues). We enjoyed having him around. Very recommendable.
Aston E
Aston E
Amazing trip and Amazing food Amazing trip. The guides and cooks went above the groups expectation and made us all feel safe and welcome. The food was really good as the chef Abraham is a professional chef in Italy.100% recommend!!!Try to book minimum 2 nights camping to summit
Nice tour, well organized and delicious cuisine ! I was on a 3 days Simien trek with Abrham. The trek was really nice, with beautiful landscapes and concerning animale we saw quite a lot of babouns and Walia Ibexes; we were even lucky to see 2 Ibex males fighting. Abrham wasn't only guide on this tour but also cook. And what a cook ! We all were amazed with the food which was reaally tasty both nights (and i'm french! ;)) ! And on the second morning we had nice pancakes in the middle of this natural reserve! :) We had nice and interesting chats with Abrham after dinner and it gave us some more understanding of ethiopian culture and life.I totally recommend Ethiopian High Land Tours which contributed to my best experience on my 3-week trip to Ethiopia.
Reliability, smile and delicious cusine! I recommend Abram to everyone. We spent 2 days with him in the mountains of Siemen on trekking and 2 days visiting Gonder. He was a great guardian in the mountains (I will never forget how he cared for me when I had altitude disease ) and a great cook: his fantastic, varied and abundant cuisine, prepared in such poor conditions, was impressive!At Gonder, he was a great guide and a source of knowledge about Ethiopia. Thanks to him, we discovered the best club with Ethiopian music ever seen in this country! Additionally, Abraham is punctual, reliable, funny, nice interlocutor. I felt nice and safe with him.EWA
טרק מדהים בהרי סמיאן עם אברהם מולה יצאנו לטרק מדהים של 3 ימים ו2 לילות עם אברהם בהרי סמיאן.שירות אדיב עם מדריך מדהים שמסביר על המקום באנגלית מושלמת ולא פחות חשוב גם מבשל מדהים אוכל טבעוני,צמחוני,יש גם עוף למעוניינים.אני נהניתי מאירוח מדהים וממדריך גבר שמסביר עזור ודאוג ממולץ בחום למי שמתכנן לטייל בהרי סמיאן לפנות לאברהם ethiopian High Land Tours ולמס׳ הטלפון +251 95 346 8979
Kinga J
Kinga J
Amazing views We did two days and one night trek in Simen mountains. It was very well organised and on top of that food was delicious, Ethiopian high land yours were very accommodating in terms of time that we wanted to walk.I would highly recommend to contact them directly and have a stress free time in Simen. ( water was provided)On top of that we stayed in Gondar and we were looked after so week, And they helped us to get a bus to Bahir Dar. Thank you again for a great hospitality.Again I cannot recommend them more.
Impressive and well-organized tour by an Italian Cuisine Chef! We have a three-day trekking with Abrham, our guide and chef who not only share all knowledge of Simien Mountains but also prepare very delicious meal for us.I was a little bit uncomfortable due to the attitude at first night. After asking helps, Abrham gave me some hot ginger, garlic and honey tea to relief my symptoms. Meanwhile, he also keeps an eye on my situation during the trekking. We finally have a wonderful tour by ending with bumping into a herd of Walia Ibex in day 3. Thanks for Abrham. Will definitely recommend anyone want to visit Simien Mountains go with him. He can be contacted by WhatsApp +251 95 346 8979 and E-mail

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About ethiopia

Ethiopia is a multi-cultural and multi-ethnic country. Religion is a major influence in Ethiopian life. Nearly half the population belongs to the Ethiopian Orthodox Church but there is a also large Muslim population. Others adhere to an ancient form of Judaism.

The Ethiopian Orthodox Church is proud of its origins. The country embraced Christianity in the 4th century, long before Europe. The feast of the Epiphany (“Timkat”) is the largest festival of the year. The Orthodox Church dominates the political, cultural, and social life of the population. It was the official religion of the imperial court and of the establishment until Haile Selassie was deposed in 1974.

Ethiopians can be very sensitive when it comes to communication. Since they have only recently begun working with foreigners in business situations they are still getting used to new ways of doing business and communicating.

As a general rule, they are humble and respect that quality in others. They generally speak in soft tones. Loud voices are seen as too aggressive. Ethiopians pride themselves on their eloquent speaking style and expect others to speak clearly and use metaphor, allusion, and witty innuendos. They often use exaggerated phrases to emphasize a point.

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